The Bastar Art Signage





The thought behind the design of the signage was not only in terms of its connection to the local community and environment, but also in terms of its aesthetic appeal.

Using contemporary design elements with a local touch helped to create a unique and memorable visual experience for visitors. The use of softer edges triangles with quirky color sets not only adds an element of playfulness to the design, but also makes it stand out against both, rural & urban Landscape, which was a challenge while designing signage

Additionally, attention to detail in the composition of the design also helped to make it visually appealing and effective in communicating its message. By creating a design that is both eye-catching and informative, it enhances the experience of tourists and promotes the Bastar tourism circuit.

Furthermore, by infusing the local crafts in the signage design, It helped to support the local economy and preserve traditional art forms. This can be an effective way to promote sustainable tourism and encourage visitors to appreciate the local culture and heritage.

Overall, the design is well-suited to the needs of the Bastar tourism circuit, and it will contribute to attract more visitors and promote the region’s unique identity and cultural heritage.