Madpal School


R.E.S. Jagdalpur


3.55 Acre, 16673 sq.ft Builtup


Madpal Village, Jagdalpur



Madpal, Jagdalpur

The complex had a variety of buildings constructed around different time-spans & orientations, the proposal thus was to weave and unify the otherwise disjoint individual structures establishing a relationship between them, and a distinct identity.

Assembly Area

The project was an experiment to recreate the otherwise image of a government school as a playful place to-be using a variety of shapes, colours breaking the rigid monotony characteristic of government schools, and a step towards applying BALA (building as a learning aid).


Along with duly considered provision of mid-day meals in reconfigured kitchen and semi-open dining spaces, a public building in a rural setting is also a place to celebrate festivals, functions and gatherings, like Holi, Raam-Leela naatak. The post-usage reviews the students as well as teachers alike loved the makeover of their place of work / study. The school is now popular among locals who are considering it to be an aspirational place to send their children.

Construction Pictures